KRF Clinical Practice Guidelines in Keloid Disorder (KRF Guidelines®) Magnetic Disks Version 1.2019


For decades, the application of gentle mechanical pressure to the keloid tissue has been known to have therapeutic value. The history of this treatment modality dates back to1860 and was eloquently reviewed by Ketchum et al. (1974) [1].

Over time, various mechanical devices and pressure garments have been developed to serve a particular need. Pressure devices are most frequently used in the management of ear keloids, often following surgical removal of the earlobe keloids to prevent recurrence. Various reiterations of pressure devices, from generic clips and magnetic disks [2,3] to custom-made, individually molded plastic ear clips [4] have been described.

The mechanism for the long-term application of pressure resulting in therapeutic outcomes is perhaps related to the collapse of capillaries and induction of tissue level hypoxia within the keloid lesion.

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