Publishing Process

Rapid Publishing:

We believe in rapid communication of high quality and unbiased and research. In January 2022, the editorial board decided to establish a process to expedite the publication of all submitted manuscripts. We are happy to announce that going forward, the journal will aim to publish all submissions within 3 weeks of receipt of the manuscript.

This expedited process will allow for rapid publication of your research work while your manuscript undergoes peer review.  To qualify for rapid publishing, manuscripts must meet the following criteria:

  • Fall under one of our accepted article categories,
  • Present primary work that has not been published elsewhere,
  • Be well-written and ideally edited by a professional medical text editor,

We intend to complete our internal review of your manuscript and respond to you within one week of receipt of your submission. Once approved, the manuscript will be immediately released for publication on our website. This process takes about two weeks for the manuscript to be properly typeset and for your comments as to the final appearance of your submission on our journal. All rapid publications will be marked as “Undergoing Peer Review”.

Peer Review:

Upon release of your manuscript for rapid publication, the peer review process will also be initiated. We encourage you to provide names and contact information for the experts whom you wish to review your manuscript. We also invite our own reviewers. The peer review process will be open, and the summary of the reviewers’ comments will be published along with the manuscript. Once the peer review process is completed, your manuscript will be marked as “Peer Reviewed”. Although we have aimed to shorten the peer review duration, this process has proven to be much slower than expected.

With our new process for rapid publication, we will also invite the readers of your publication to volunteer to review your work. We hope this additional step to help expediting the timeline for peer review.