Manuscript Submission and Fees

All manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail to the Editor in Chief Dr. Ernst Reichenberger at

Successful online submission is acknowledged by an e-mail from the Editor in Chief to the corresponding author.

Please note that upon successful submission of a manuscript, all coauthors will receive an automated e-mail confirming the submission. Please make sure all authorship issues regarding inclusion/exclusion and authorship order are resolved prior to submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, all coauthors will be contacted again with instructions for providing their copyright transfer signatures. Please keep in mind that an accepted manuscript will not be published in Keloid Research until all signatures are received within 30 days from the date of approval.

Manuscript submission fees:

There is a no fee for submitting to, or publishing manuscripts in Keloid Research.  Only manuscripts that are supported by pharmaceutical or medical device companies will be assessed a fee.