Intra-Lesional Triamcinolone

KRF Clinical Practice Guidelines in Keloid Disorder (KRF Guidelines®) Intra-Lesional Triamcinolone, Version 1.2018


Intra-lesional triamcinolone (ILT) is the most commonly administered treatment to all keloid patients [1]. Despite its very common use, there are numerous uncertainties about ILT. This Guideline provides for some important practical facts about ILT.

In the United States, triamcinolone is marketed as Kenalog. The product is available in 10mg/ml with the trade name Kenalog-10 and 40 mg/ml with the trade name Kenalog-40.

There is a belief among practitioners who treat keloid patients – that at all times – the highest possible doses of triamcinolone, i.e. Kenalog-40, should be used for intralesional injections. The author has personally reviewed medical records of several patients whose keloids have been injected with Kenalog-40. The author has also interviewed several practitioners who only use Kenalog-40 straight out of the vial in injecting keloids.

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